Feeling submissive?

I submitted a story for publication today.  Well, that was a terrifying experience!  I must have read the instructions 10 times before I felt certain I’d done them all correctly, and they weren’t exactly complicated.  Have screenshotted the confirmation, and now I need to sit and wait.

Best possible outcome, I get a story published!  Worst outcome, I start my collection of rejections.  My rejection collection, if you will.  Ok, absolutely worst outcome, my story triggers some sort of secret American keyword monitoring and a bunch of helicopters surround my house during the night and a bunch of men in some sort of black lycra outfits drag me and my family out into the street…

Yes, as you can see I’m taking this all in my stride like a true professional.  Now, where did I leave the rum?


One thought on “Feeling submissive?

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