It’s funny how many things in life are like each other.  The more you learn, and particularly the more areas you learn about, the more you realise that each area is very much the same as the next, just variations on a theme.

When I learned about the ‘candy bar’ approach to plotting out a story, I realised how similar it was to the process of animation.  You make the keyframes first, which give the shape to what you’re creating, and then you go back and do the ‘tweening’ – filling in the frames which aren’t necessarily all that striking in and of themselves, but without which your animation would be just jumping from one thing to another, and you would have no continuity or sense of movement.

And so it is with fiction.

(Shame tho, I was never much of a fan of actually doing the tweening.)



One thought on “Parallels

  1. I’m not much of a fan of filling in the spaces, either. Although, suddenly I’m reminded of my cousin, the psychic (Tarot, Clairvoyance, and Common sense, she lied to say.) When she laid out her cards, she’d go for the major events, and then add more cards for the steps to get from here to there. I’m pretty sure that was the Common Sense part. 😉

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