Beginnings and Endings

It can be pretty intimidating starting something new.  Whether you’ve got it all basically planned out, or you’re just jumping in with both feet to see what happens, chances are unexpected things will happen along the way and you’ll find yourself scrambling to deal with them.

This applies to most things in life, but the two that spring to my mind as particularly topical for me are writing a story, and moving house.

I’m in the middle of writing a story that I love.  It’s lots of fun, it’s easy to write, I enjoy the character, and I’m looking forward to the twist.  Sounds like there’s nothing in my way, right?

I’m also in the middle of buying a house.  It’s got pretty much everything we’re looking for in a property; lots of space around it for all our stuff, some interesting and quirky features, and work that needs doing which will let us put our own stamp on it.  So, life is pretty good, eh?

There’s a thing about beginnings.  Either you’ve begun or you haven’t.  Jumping in with both feet may be a scary thing, but once it’s done, you are definitely on the next stage in the process.  The actual beginning itself is over pretty quickly.

Then there’s the middle.  I’ve already said I’m not a fan of filling in the gaps, and that’s right there in middle territory.  But hopefully you have your keyframes, or main scenes, or milestones to follow, and you muddle along and you hit them one way or another.

And then you come to the end.  Some people have trouble with endings because it means you have to declare something ‘done’.  It needs to stand on its own merits and go out into the world where other people can judge you.  Yep, that’s a pretty intimidating thing alright.  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t scare me.  But today, the part that’s really getting to me, that’s clinging around my ankles and dragging after me like a dead weight, is the knowledge that after each end comes a new beginning.

Once this story is done, I’ll need to start the next story, which might not be as pleasant and accommodating as this one.  That nasty voice at the back of my mind whispers, “What if that’s all there is?”

Once the house is bought, we’ll be in brand new territory.  Quite literally – it’s in a part of the country we’ve never lived in before – and figuratively, as my husband and I become property owners with all the excitement and uncertainty that entails.

So far my plan is to keep doing what got me this far.  Take it one step at a time, and if they’re only baby steps, well hey – at least I’m still moving in the right direction.




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