I’m thinking a lot about genres these days.  A lot of what I’ve been writing has a paranormal tint to it, although that’s not really something I would buy for myself to read, unless it was also humorous or had another hook that appealed to me.

They say it’s important to be genre aware; I presume that’s a big factor in being able to successfully sell stories and keep selling them.  And yet part of me is pushing back hard against that idea, and saying that I should write what I most enjoy reading.  What I most enjoy reading are the kind of works that twist genre expectations, or float between them in a space of their own.  The kind that move unpredictably and make you think about the subject matter in a new way.

I wrote a story this morning.  It was deliberately not paranormal.  It was just a story about getting older, and losing the abilities you take for granted.  I worry about that from time to time.  I don’t know if it ended up being a good story – I’m still too close to it at the moment – but it’s a little bit different, and a little bit sad.

I’m sure I’ll revisit the subject of genres, there’s a lot I need to work through here.  In the meantime I’ll keep writing down the stories that keep me awake, and that will have to be good enough for now.


© Gloria Hanlon 2016 All Rights Reserved


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