Getting ready to go

The car is stocked up with all of our camping gear, and tomorrow we’re going to head down to spend the night in our own home for the first time.

I’m expecting to come back with many interesting notes; we’re not quite sure of the condition of the roof, plumbing or electrical systems, and a couple of the windows need replacing, so it should be an educational weekend.

Best case scenario, we get the windows fixed and change the locks and sleep on an inflatable sofa-bed in the sitting room.  Worst case, we can’t find the supplies we need this weekend and sleep in a tent in the garden.

I also found half a bottle of a batch of mead from 2007 – it started out pretty raw and harsh so I packed it all away to mature after bottling.  When I tasted it about three years ago it was almost like a very dry white wine with a hint of honey and a sting in the tail.  If I’m feeling brave I may sample it and see if there’s been any more improvement or if I have some sort of mead-vinegar on my hands.  (Is that even a thing?)


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