Live in the when?

I was searching for a quote today – maybe someone who knows it will read this and can tell me, because I couldn’t find it – about how people perceive time.  The concept was that we are rarely ‘in the moment’, because we live our lives in a little cloud of moments around the present time.  Not necessarily that we’re dwelling excessively on the past or daydreaming about the future, but there’s a whole swarm of other times that we need to be aware of just to get through the day.

The simple process of going from one place to another requires sufficient planning and anticipation to know that the future which involves us staying where we are is different from the future which involves us being in the other place, then deciding we prefer the alternative future, and taking steps to change the reality we live in to bring about the preferred vision of the future.

Yes, that may be a rather ornate way of describing the process of deciding to go down to the corner shop, but whether or not we think about it, this is what’s going on.

After this it’s just a question of scale – maybe you prefer the future where you went down to the shop before lunch, and you make that happen.  Or maybe you prefer the future where you do something a bit different with your life.  You can make that happen too.  There may be some more steps involved, so you’ll need to create the reality where those steps have already happened, but if you keep changing the future a little bit at a time, there will be a day when you find yourself in the future you designed, or at least one which resembles it in meaningful ways.

Which brings me back to the quote I was looking for.  There are a lot of quotes out there about ‘living in the now’ which hail it as the optimal way to live.  I’ve never really understood why.


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Image Credit wiremu1998152014


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