Adventures in air(port) space

I’m sitting in the airport waiting to go to London for the weekend. As a jaded traveller myself, it’s lovely to watch the people who still find flying a novelty.

They check everything three or four times before moving from one point to the next, look bewildered most of the time, and wear entirely unsuitable clothes through security, which results in them having to strip back to vests and bare feet to be allowed through. And yet there’s an excitement and a sense of wonder about them when they catch a glimpse of the runway that you don’t often see in people older than ten.

I’m glad it’s not that stressful for me – I’ve been flying solo since before I was old enough to appreciate there might be something to stress about – but sometimes I envy them the freshness and novelty. It makes me want to seek out big new adventures so I can taste that sense of wonder again.


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