Writer, crafter, gamer.  Former expat now safely ensconced back in Ireland.

This is my space for reaching out and sharing a little bit of myself with the world outside.  It won’t always be shiny and perfect; I’m not sure if shiny perfect people have an awful lot to write about.  I find it’s the slightly cracked and scuffed people, the ones who have been buffeted about a bit and maybe had to glue pieces back on (to mangle a perfectly serviceable metaphor) that have the really interesting stories to tell.

Yes, this is a pen name.  No, I’d rather you didn’t ‘out’ me if you happen to know who I am.  No, it’s not a super, maximum-security secret, I’d just prefer to keep my writing life separate from the rest of my life so that I can do my crazy creative thing without having to worry if my granny is going to stumble upon a racy story and be scandalised.