Don’t cry for me, Art and Tina

I’m on holiday! Between now and the fifth of September I will be taking my leisure, by which I mean shifting furniture, painting and plastering, and trying to make our new house a bit more livable.

I’ll probably be online less than usual, so you’ll all have to muddle along without me, internet peoples. Be good, and if you can’t be good, have a bloody good time.


Those three little words that mean so much…

Sorceror. Runs. Fast.

Or maybe fire.danger.dragon.  Or even

The amazing site assigns a three word phrase to every 3mx3m square on the face of the earth.  Designed partly to help people who have no official address and no way of getting one, such as those who live in shanty towns or very remote areas, it also has the wonderful side effect of generating catchy and memorable phrases which one day might replace memorising GPS co-ordinates.

Browsing around Dublin for example, I found union.trades.metals in Stephen’s Green and exam.sweat.plank near Trinity College.

Further afield, by guessing against the available words, is a little South of Indianapolis, and nice.warm.breakfast is in a part of Russia that looks distinctly chilly.

Here are some more great possible addresses:


So tell me, who wouldn’t love to live at funny.banana.vibrates?


(I should note that I have no affiliation with, I just think they’re great)

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Image courtesy of hanciong.

Living in the past, with WordPress


Quick update – looks like the theme I had (Twenty Eleven) is the only one that does more or less what I want out of the box. So after an afternoon of back and forth I decided to make do with this theme for the moment and make the best out of it.

Mostly I’ve tweaked the layout to be a bit more sensible and consistent, and added some pictures so it looks more lived-in around here. May as well get settled in.


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This theme is sick!

Yeah, radical, man!  … or something.

Being unwell today and stuck at home, it seems like a good opportunity for me to try out some new themes for my blog, now that it’s settled down a bit and I have a better idea of what I’m looking for in a theme.

Although it’s possible to preview themes on your own content before applying them, as far as I can tell, there’s no way of editing the pages within a theme preview; you need to go ahead and apply it to then be able to see what page templates are available and so forth.

With these things in mind, there may be some radical (see what I did there?) fluctuations in the appearance of this site for a little while as I test things out.  If you happen to load one of the variations that involves two very large panels with my slightly demented photo grinning back out at you – well, you have my sincerest apologies.
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Image credit GNOME icon artists 2008