Hopping mad

I have a small problem today. I really want to take part in the StoryTime Blog Hop, and link submissions are due tomorrow.


The rules say the story has to be PG rated, which is fine except that A – I don’t have a story ready yet to submit, and B – telling my muse no graphic violence or sex is like telling her not to think about a pink elephant.  She wants to be helpful, but I’m not sure if she’ll actually co-operate enough to produce a story in time.  The ideas I have on the backburner are kind of borderline.  They’re probably just on the safe side of being not too unsuitable in terms of actual content, but I’m not sure the concepts are something I’d be comfortable deliberately putting in front of kids.

The correct thing is probably to throw my name into the hat, and get some good practice at writing to a spec and a deadline.  The right thing to do is probably to avoid committing to something I’m uncertain about delivering on and letting my friends down.

*boing boing*


The trouble with muses

I did some writing today, on “The Girl in the Black Lace Dress”, otherwise known as the flash-fiction-that’s-not-so-flash-any-more and is actually about 3,350 words and not quite done yet, although the ending is looming.

It would have been finished by now, but it my muse decided to wander into racy territory today.  There was always going to be a certain amount of that, just because of what the story is about, but apparently I wasn’t going to get away with lip service.  (No pun intended 😀 )  Cue me, on my tiny tablet and fold-up Bluetooth keyboard, trying to write this steamy scene in the café at work, while my co-workers milled around.

And then, just as we were getting into it, my muse got spooked and ran off, leaving me sitting there slightly dazed and hoping no-one had been reading over my shoulder.

I have a feeling tomorrow will be the day I finish that story.

Not much of a clue what I’m going to do with it then; I couldn’t quite say even what genre it belongs to.  It’s probably a bit steamy for straight-up modern fantasy, but I would imagine it’s too tame for the dedicated erotica markets, and it’s clearly far too long for any kind of flash fiction at this stage.  I’ll have to muse on that some more.