Home on the range

We signed the contracts for our new house this morning.  It still doesn’t feel entirely real, and yet I’m starting to get excited about it.

The new house is out in the countryside, a couple of hours’ drive from where we live now.  It’s a very rural setting – the nearest town consists of a small hotel and a grocery/hardware store – but it’s not far from a major road, about ten minutes’ drive from two mid-sized towns, and there are two different cities less than two hours’ drive away.

One of the things I’m excited about is the garden.  There’s a decent sized piece of land with the house, enough to have a pretty little lawn out the front, a deck and barbecue area out back, and plenty of space left over for growing vegetables, and maybe even raising some chickens.

I’m also excited about decorating.  It’s going to need quite a bit of work, since the roof leaks in places, there are some window panes missing, and no kitchen to speak of, but on the other hand that gives us so much scope to set everything up the way we like it.  Having rented for most of my life, and being used to not even putting hooks up on the wall without the landlord’s permission, that amount of freedom is amazing.

Last, but definitely not least, I will be able to set out a space of my own for writing.  There are some old cowsheds beside the house (hereafter called ‘the stables’ because it sounds more elegant) which I have my eye on for converting into a cosy little study all of my own.

If all goes according to plan, we could have the keys as early as next week.  I can’t wait.



Well, it’s all excitement in here tonight.  We were all settled in for a long wait for the solicitors to do their thing, not particularly expecting to hear back until September, and then the contracts for our new house arrived in the post this morning!  On top of that, my husband rang me at work at lunchtime to say we can go in and sign them tomorrow!

Wish us luck, world – there’s a whole new life ahead of us.

Black lace and promises

Right.  Powered entirely by my own iron will, and having nothing to do with a guilt trip from Duolingo, I have finished the story “The Girl in the Black Lace Dress.”  I will sit on it for a while and then come back to confirm it’s not too racy and not too rambling before I share it.  But it will be released sooner or later.  I promise.


(Entirely co-incidental, I swear!)


Feeling submissive?

I submitted a story for publication today.  Well, that was a terrifying experience!  I must have read the instructions 10 times before I felt certain I’d done them all correctly, and they weren’t exactly complicated.  Have screenshotted the confirmation, and now I need to sit and wait.

Best possible outcome, I get a story published!  Worst outcome, I start my collection of rejections.  My rejection collection, if you will.  Ok, absolutely worst outcome, my story triggers some sort of secret American keyword monitoring and a bunch of helicopters surround my house during the night and a bunch of men in some sort of black lycra outfits drag me and my family out into the street…

Yes, as you can see I’m taking this all in my stride like a true professional.  Now, where did I leave the rum?